Super-Duper Commenting

Why is making a great comment important?

  • The purpose of commenting is to connect,  to engage other bloggers in conversation; not to just say, “Hey, yo, your blog is awesome, check out my cool blog.”  😎

How to write a super-duper comment:

  1. Write your comment like a letter:  include a greeting, comment, and a closing. You may also include a link back to your site. (How to do that.)
  2. Make sure your comment is related to the post you are commenting on.
  3. Compliment the writer/blogger in a specific way. For example: you could comment on this page and say, “You certainly added a lot of information on how to write a super-duper blog comment. It has been very helpful. Thank you.” 
  4. Ask questions to keep the conversation going.   
  5. Add something to the conversation, maybe a similar experience you have had, or something you know about the topic.
  6. Be Interesting and Funny. Everyone loves humor.  
  7. Try to use at least one of the following: dress-ups, sentence openers, decorations, or sentence styles. (Use your IEW app if you need help.)
  8. Try not to use your banned words:  good, great, nice, fun, like, thought (This is challenging, even for me. Use your  Webster app to find a synonym.)
  9. Spice it up. Add fun shapes or smiley faces to your comment. 😯 😎 (How to add shapes and smiley faces.) 😉
  10. Make sure your comment is the kind of comment that you would like to receive. 
  11. Before posting: check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation marks. 

IMPORTANT: Do not reveal any personal information about yourself. Always ask, if you are unsure about anything you are posting.

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