I can’t believe it is almost time for Thanksgiving again. I feel like I am in the Spy Kids movie, All the Time in the World, where a timekeeper steals time. Someone is definitely stealing time, because it is flying by way too fast! 8O

(Make sure to hover over the picture to the left, and click on the icons. I have added links to some yummy, healthy dishes and treats for the holiday.)

Time for some fun Thanksgiving activity ideas and more!

I made a couple of coloring page for you guys. Enjoy!

(For some reason, my lines are a little fuzzy on the coloring pages, and I don’t have time right now to figure out what I did wrong. ūüėĮ But if you color in the picture, and then use a thin, black (or any color) sharpie or marker to outline, they will look great.)¬†

FREE Thanksgiving Themed Clip Art

FREE Writing/Vocabulary Activities

  • Thanksgiving ‘Would You Rather’ Questions for Kids – My kids enjoyed doing this activity this morning. They changed some of the questions to make them harder to choose. Everyone was laughing by the time we were done, and afterwards I sent them off to write 20 questions of their own. (I am sure that what they come up with will be very interesting.)
  • Thankful Writing: an Expository Lesson
  • Main Ideas and Supporting Details {A Feast of Turkey Topics for Thanksgiving}
  • Thanksgiving Projects for the whole month! (English or Foreign Language)
  • Turkey Pick-a-Story:¬†With the 24 mix-and-match turkeys included, (YES- 24 BODIES and 24 TAILS) your students will be provided with more options to write about than they will know what to do with!
  • Thanksgiving Bookmarks – Figurative Language / Writing Paper:¬†A fun and educational set of 16 Thanksgiving themed bookmarks. Students practice writing examples of similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia and in rhyme. Also includes 2 pages of themed writing paper.¬†
  • Thanksgiving Idiom Match-Turkey and Pie:¬†Match the idiom with the correct meaning. 12 Thanksgiving-themed idioms are included for this activity.¬†A great extension of this activity is to use these idioms in sentences and roll-plays.
  • Thanksgiving Creative Writing Activity:¬†Are you looking for a way to tie in Thanksgiving with your literature or history unit? Try this fun activity that allows students to practice great critical and creative thinking skills.¬†It includes a writing prompt for both a character from a story or novel and one for a historical figure.
  • Thanksgiving Anagrams:¬†How does one change “grim lips” into “pilgrims?” With anagrams, of course.¬†Thanksgiving Anagrams challenges students to rearrange the letters of some rather strange terms to create ordinary words and phrases associated with Thanksgiving.¬†This free download is organized into two activities with twenty-five items each. Full answer keys are provided.
  • Just in Time for Thanksgiving!! Interview Questions: An interview that students can use to ask their peers structured questions about Thanksgiving and record their responses!
  • I am Thankful Banner {For Students} :Have your students each complete one of the pennants to create a class pennant of things students are thankful for.
  • Thank It Forward!:¬†This Thanksgiving FREEBIE will first get students to focus on being thankful during this season for certain people or things in their lives. They will choose one or more ‚ÄúThank It Forward‚ÄĚ certificates to fill out to hand to someone who has influenced what they are thankful for as described on the certificate.
  • Thanksgiving Word Scramble Puzzle – The Feast
  • Thanksgiving Scattergories:¬†A fun, literacy based activity sure to have your students thinking up until they leave for Thanksgiving break! Appropriate for grades 3 and up.
  • Scholastic.com: The First Thanksgiving – Teacher’s Guide/Lesson Plans for Grades PreK-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8.

FREE Thanksgiving Math Games/Lesson Ideas

FREE Thanksgiving Science Lesson Ideas

  • Thanksgiving in Biology Class- Gobble! Gobble! Zzzz: A¬†science themed activity in which students read about tryptophan and turkey and come to their own conclusions as to whether or not they think that tryptophan really does cause that post-thanksgiving-meal coma! Graphing, analysis questions, and conclusion.
  • Thanksgiving with a Science Twist:¬†Compare human and turkey anatomy with this fun Venn Diagram activity.

Thanksgiving GAMES and FUN Stuff

Also, don’t forget to check out my¬†Thanksgiving blog header, which has a lot of links to more Thanksgiving activity ideas. [no_toc]

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