“Tis vocabulary time,” I announce to my children with immense verve and enthusiasm.

“What vexation!” my children vehemently reply.

“Do you not have a voracious appetite for studying voluminous amounts of vocabulary words?” I ask, feeling vexed and troubled at this new revelation.

“Verily, we do not,” they cry out vociferously.

“I admire your veracity, telling me what you think, but being vigilant with your vocabulary study will vitalize your minds and help you learn how to make a more valid argument as to why you should not study vocabulary,” I voice my opinion, hopefully not in vain.

“Mom, your verbiage is way too verbose and does offer any validity as to why we should study vocabulary. We would rather vegetate and play video games,” they declare, trying to veto my vote.

I vacate my position for the moment to ponder this most vexing problem: How do I make vocabulary study fun? Maybe I am not being versatile enough? Maybe I need to add a little more variety? Is it possible to make vocabulary study a little more venturesome? Hmmm……?

The ThingLink Teacher Challenge Week 3 was to Dig Deeper into Vocabulary.

This challenge made me start thinking about what I want to do with our vocabulary study when we start school again. Susan Oxnevad, who is doing a fabulous job organizing the ThinkLink challenge, suggested using Robert Marzano’s Six Step Process for Teaching Vocabulary. After reading this, I realized what is missing in our vocabulary study: Games and FUN!

Voila!  The answer must be that we need to play with words more often! My children have gotten older, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still like to play games. It is I, who has forgotten to make sure to include the element of fun into our studies. Shame on me! It is strange how you can forget the simplest of things.

Also, I need to participate in the FUN as well, which is why I wrote the above dialogue, something I made up and possibly a bit confusing, but it was FUN! I worry too much about grammar and usage, but the truth is that I need to allow my children and myself to just “play” with words, to experiment with them, to just write, even if it doesn’t make sense. (By the way, my children don’t complain that much, but I do know that they have not been enjoying their vocabulary study.)

I like the idea of using ThingLink to introduce new vocabulary words. I think it will make vocabulary study more interesting and exciting as well. Below is my first try at this thought.

The above ThingLink image: V for Vendetta looks a little better when viewed on my ThingLink channel. (Mental note: Make sure the width of image is the right size for blog.)

For a little more help with those “V” vocabulary words, check out: Letter “V” Archives on Wordpandit.com

Also, here is a list of some Vocabulary Resources I have been putting together.

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