Award Cup - Miss W.The student challenge: week 10, was all about what makes a great blog and also finding the best student and/or class blog to nominate for the Edublog’s Award.

I had the most difficult time with this challenge and so did my daughter, Warrior Kat. There are so many wonderful student and class blogs out there; it was impossible for me (us) to nominate just one blog. (I am the kind of person that wants to give everyone, who puts in their best effort, a blue ribbon.)

Anyway, Kat and I decided to combine our thoughts and put together a list of a few of the wonderful blogs that we have visited over the past few months. (There are so many more, but we only had time to focus on a few of the student blogs, and sadly, we didn’t make it to reviewing any of the class blogs, but hopefully next time.)

  • Also, for fun, we thought it would be cool to make an “Awesomeness Blog Award” for each of the bloggers. (Look below for the award cups we made. 🙂 )

 Some wonderful student blogs:

  • Felix’s Journey Into Learning: Felix did an excellent job on his about me page, which is the first page we usually visit on any blog, and he gives a very clear insight on who he is, his personality, humor, and traits, making you want to read more of his work. He writes about various topics, which are very well written and interesting to read. Also, on many of his posts, he asks the reader questions that make you think more about the subject, a great idea for us to remember to do when writing our posts. Keep up the great work, Felix!
  • Ridhi’s Magnificent Blog: Ridhi has only been blogging since September 2013, and yet, she has already become quite the amazing blogger. She uses different web tools, like Prezi, Animoto, Voki, and such to enhance her posts, making her posts fun and interesting, and it also has made us want to try out Prezi and Animoto. She has also started a newspaper called The Elementary Times and has included a link to it on her blog. Very cool! Keep up the great work, Ridhi!
  • Aashi’s Blog: Aashi has a game’s page on her blog, which has games like Papa’s Freezeria and Papa’s Cupcakeria. We didn’t know that you could add something like that. How fun! Her posts are well written and organized, and she adds interesting pictures or web tools to enhance them. Also, she has some cool widgets, like Shelfari, a pretty, pink revolver map, a cute Voki greeting, and an adorable pet horse, Midnight. Keep up the great work, Aashi!
  • Artistic Me by Esha: Esha’s posts are well written and organized. She jazzes them up by using different colors, pictures, or web tools. A lively personality that she seems to have really comes through in her posts. She has a list of categories and tags on her sidebar, making it easy to find the different things she writes about. She has some cool widgets, like her welcome Voki, a couple cute pets, and a Wonderopolis widget. Keep up the great work, Esha!
  • Jannat’s Blog: If you are into books, then Jannat’s blog is definitely one to check out. She has quite an amazing list of books she has read and has written some excellent reviews about them. She also includes a picture of the book in her review, which is really nice and helpful. On her sidebar, she has a Shelfari widget so that you can quickly browse through the list of books she has read. Keep up the great work, Jannat!
  • Writing From My Heart by Alice: Alice’s blog has a happy feel to it with the pink bubbles at the top and the use of different colors and pretty pictures she uses in her posts. Her posts are fun and interesting to read, and you can tell how much she enjoys writing.  She loves to read and has added a Padlet wall to encourage people to leave a review of different books they have read. Great idea! Keep up the great work, Alice!

Blogs of Awesomeness Award Cups!

Click on one of the pictures to view as a gallery. (If you like it and would like to save it, just right click on the image and save to your computer.)

Also, we made one award cup without a name on it for any visitor who stops by that might like to have one. (We would love to have made one for every blogger, but oh my!)

  • Click on the picture below. If you would like to add your name to the cup, right click and save the image to your computer. Then, you can easily upload it to Pixlr (an awesome online photo editor – use the Pixlr editor option), add your name and save it. Any questions or need help, just ask!

 The original award cup image we used: Award Cup via

There were so many different award images to choose from, making it hard to decide which one to use. Kat liked this one the best, but we are going to try out some different ones next time, (but only if you guys, our visitors, like the idea of us making these fun awards). 

What do you think about our award cup idea? Fill out the form to let us know. 🙂

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