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Google & Gadgets & Games, Oh my!   Apps & E-Learning & Blogging & Coding, oh what should I try?

  • When I first started homeschooling, deciding what to teach my children was simple, and the availability of curriculum was limited. Now, with the explosion of technology and the many educational websites on the internet, the choices are endless. Has of all our advanced technology made “schooling” better, or worse? easier or harder?
  • There is so much more to consider nowadays about what our children should be learning, and what is that? Should they be learning more than just the basic subjects? If so, what? Blogging? Coding? Game Design? Website Design? Something else?
  • Lately, while researching all the many wonderful sites on the internet, I have felt like a kid in a candy store, or rather, a very hungry mom who just walked into the most incredible donut shop. Which ones do I choose? They all look so delicious! Which app, game, gadget, website, curriculum, or study of thought do I pick?
  • Should I take home all of them and try a little bite of each one and see what we like best? Is that a good idea, or will we get a bellyache?
  • My ideal is to not only pick the most tasty one, but hopefully one that might be healthy too. Hmmm…….? That can be tough to do when there are so many choices to wade through.
  • The big question is: What will benefit my children the most?

One of the benefits of  homeschooling is the freedom to try different things in order to meet my children’s needs, but knowing what is best for them has always been my greatest concern. (My random thoughts today 🙂 .)

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