shareasimageThe Student Blog Challenge Week 7 is about LEADERSHIP. Make sure to check out the website and choose at least one activity to complete.

Also, add at least one thought (what makes a great leader), or a picture of someone you think is or was a great leader, (and short description why) to the Padlet wall below. Click here for instructions on how to add your post to the wall. 

Another thought:  Have you watched a movie or read a book lately that showed what great leadership means. Write a post about it! 

Visitors are welcome to add to the wall. We would love to see what you think! (Hopefully, I set it up so that anyone can add to it. Let me know if it isn’t working.)

  Instructions for adding a post to the Padlet wall:

  • If adding your thoughts, double click on the wall, add your name at the top, and next to your name add your blog url (address) if you like. Write your thoughts where it says write something. You can add a photo that enhances your thought, or your avatar photo. 

Padlet Post Help 1 

  • Or if adding a photo of a leader, double click on the wall, write the name of the leader you have found, add a short reason why they are great, then hit enter and type: posted by (your name). Find a link to a photo or biography of the person, copy the url, then click on the link icon, paste the url, and click add link.

Padlet Post Help 2


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