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“The memories formed in our childhood follow us all through time, creating how we view the world and ourselves as adults. Sadly, life can sometimes seem like it is only about bad memories, haunting us with no escape. When we refuse to acknowledge the painful things that have happened, subconsciously, we repeat old pains, and in denial, we find ourselves again on familiar ground. However, without our memories, we have no tools for tomorrow, and as painful as they may sometimes be, we would be without a guide to a more beautiful future. We can use these painful experiences to either bring light to our world or darkness to our heart.”  thoughts by Wade Alexander 

 (The power of love comes from within you. Believe in YOU, always!)

Student Blog Challenge week 5 assignment has been set by Cougar News Blog, an amazing blog; make sure to check it out. Write a post (or posts) about memories and include the following:


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  1. In your own words describe what memories are.
  2. What makes a good or bad memory? How can they affect one’s life? 
  3. (Optional) Give an example of a bad memory and how it affected you. Has it helped you to make better decisions today? Have you ever wished you could hit the refresh button and delete the painful memory (or all of them) from your brain? If so, do you think this would change who you are? 
  4. (Optional) Give an example of a good memory and how it makes you feel.
  5. Also, make sure to include a picture in your post.

Food for Thought: If you never experienced anything painful, would you be aware of what good feels like?

After watching the movie, Click, last night (available right now on Netflix to stream), the following questions came to mind: 

  • If you could fast forward through your life, would you? If so, what would you skip?
  • If you skipped through the painful parts, do you think you would wind up regretting it?
  • Are the challenges and trials we face in life part of what makes life what it is? Do they help us to realize and appreciate the good times more?
  • When you look back on times that seemed tough, challenging, and painful, do they still seem so bad, or can you find the beauty in them?

What are your thoughts?

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